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You can be scared & really ready,

Goal Digging Women was created by Multipassionate Entrepreneur, Carmen Veal. Outside of being a Special Needs Mom and Event Strategist (with sprinkles of experience in other careers), Carmen decided to create this academy for the thousands of entrepreneurs asking the same questions time and time again, “How did you do it?’.  She has evolved through pushing through fear, investing in herself and learning from experiences. So this dynamic space is for women across the world who are in need of unfiltered, honest support and inspiration. 


“You can be scared and really ready. You just have to show up ready and willing to do the tough work. Tell your fears to sit up straight…you have work to do.”

Carmen Veal

Latest On The Blog

Episode 2: Shamelessly promote yourself

I recently reflected on an experience that taught me WHY it’s important to shamelessly promote yourself. It’s the difference between others knowing of your existence and only you being aware of your greatness. It really is that simple. We are the best and sometimes the only narrator of our OWN life. Sometimes we’re so busy stuck in our own box, we fail to realize no one else can see what goes on inside of it. We have to tell them.

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Episode 1: My story + how I align my goals and growth

In 2007 I was working an incredible full-time job. One that I’d been determined to get and had known for a fact could be mine. Incredible things happen when you align your goals with growth. I went from living in poverty and suffering from depression, to being healthy, happy and running a business I love. With hard work, you CAN turn your life around. So how did I do it?

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How being a special needs mom improved my quality of life

If you’ve ever taken care of a loved one, whether they are young or seasoned, you have an idea of how mentally and emotionally challenging the experience can be. For me, what started as a shocking reality check and an incredibly challenging circumstance became the most intimate, life-changing experience I’ve ever had. How Being a Special Needs Mom Improved My Quality Of Life Being: I found an incredible love, grew an amazing events company, and built a wonderful blog community.

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How to successfully land event sponsorship

My career revolves around planning stellar events and amazing experiences for individual and brand to connect. I am constantly asked how to successfully land event sponsorship. The key has been in the event partners who enhanced the experience. Lets explore!

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How to plan events for your blog, brand and business

My life as an event planner has become overwhelmingly busy as of late. This is pretty inspiring considering I didn’t have a mentor to teach me how to plan events for my blog, brand or business. There are so many moving parts and intimate details that should be considered when planning any event. Let’s explore how to plan events for your blog, brand or business (perhaps even your personal life milestones too)!

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Email etiquette: bcc, reply to all abuse and more

So here is the thing, I am sensitive to peoples spaces.  I am also one for helping people excel especially in areas I once needed to groom and grow.  Maya Angelou once said when you get you give and when you learn teach.  So here I am.  I receive emails with this type of

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How to organize & compartmentalize your processes

Want to be on top of the various parts of your business without over-crowding your brain with it all? There are SO many moving parts to keep up with. Compartmentalizing and organizing each process is key! This allows you to be on top of what is happening,

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