Goal Digging Women is a CLIMB academy for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Our courses focus on Customer Experience, Leadership, investment, Marketing + Branding (CLIMB).

I’m Carmen Veal, Founder of Goal Digging Women. Outside of supporting intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs inside of this academy, I am an event strategist who manages operations for my Brown Skin Women blog, as well as a four million member organization that offers corporate events across the United States.

As a result of what I do, I help brands and individuals alike share dynamic spaces that offers life-enhancing opportunities.

In the Goal Digging Women academy courses I focus on 5 key areas that allowed me to grow my brand, blog and business into a multi-revenue stream. I break down the exact areas I focused on over the past fourteen years to develop an effective, easy to use and life-enhancing system.

If you’re goal oriented and interested in incorporating these strategies that helps improve your personal and professional foundation, process, and flow, you’re in the right place! I look forward to seeing you on the inside!