Goal Digging Women is a portal that offers inspiration and concept to implementation tools, courses and resources for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

This platform originally launched in 2016 as the Entrepreneur’s Club for my Brown Skin Women blog. It has since been upgraded into this new and improved virtual hub for Goal Digging Women. We will re-launch officially on January 1, 2018 (active members can still access the former platform and all content here)! Be sure to join the waitlist for inside access and notification for when the clubs doors are open!

I’m Carmen Veal, Goal Digger Women Founder and Educator. Outside of teaching strategies and development inside of this club, I plan events and manage operations for my own blog community, as well as a four million member organization that offers corporate events in over 86 cities across the United States. My combined result driven experience allowed me to create a strategy to remedy common challenges, which serves as a growth model for the everyday goal oriented intrapreneur and entrepreneur. If you’re interested in learning all about this system, you’re in the right place!

Over the past 14 years, I’ve enhanced my ability to organize, analyze and execute goal oriented bottom lines. From assuming the role of Executive Director at a local YMCA to two years as a Portfolio Analyst at GMAC, I developed a streamlined process that guaranteed successful outcomes no matter the goal or industry of focus.

At age 21 I quit a well-paying salaried 9-5 job with 401k and benefits to work in the mental health field. Within a year my reality took a turn for the worse when my daughter’s health status declined, forcing me to lose my full-time position at the hospital I was employed. I became a special needs caregiver for my daughter who’s needs were far too complex for me to commit to traditional employment. As you can imagine, this new reality was incredibly challenging to accept, forcing me into a deep depression and isolation.

Refusing to settle and continue on a downward spiral, I decided I would not settle for a limited life restricted by public assistance. I set a goal then created an action plan to turn my life around. Within a year, I was getting myself and my daughter the support we needed and took the steps to create a business that would not be reliant on location dependency.

Fast forward to today, I make a living and a life as an event executive and operations manager for events across the U.S while assisting my goal digger blog community with my growth strategies that were proven models in both my personal and professional life. If the large organizations can benefit from my tried and true method of achieving goals, every day Goal Digging Women and small brands can too!