Episode 1: My story + how I align my goals and growth

In 2007 I was working an incredible full-time job. One that I’d been determined to get and had known for a fact could be mine. Incredible things happen when you align your goals with growth.

Within one year, I became an unemployed single mom to a special needs child. Up until this point I had lived my life up as a determined being, so I was sure she could achieve anything she set her mind to. What I always struggled with, though, is the space between desire for change and actually creating real and sustainable change in my life. So naturally, with my new circumstances, depression set in.

After one year of existing in this depressive space, I hadn’t lost sight of the fact that I still craved more. For as long as I could remember I’d felt I was created for a special purpose, and I knew my reality could change. The current reality was not a long-term commitment. There was no way my life’s purpose should involve a poor mentality and depressive mindset in the long term. So I decided to try to focus on that area that challenged me—that middle space.

This is what happens when you decide you want more. You make a conscious decision to turn your life around. And after accepting the truth about my reality, that is what I did. I created a plan to seek support for myself and my daughter, take courses to build a location-independent business, and embrace holistic wellness and natural living.

This took a great deal of effort, but with discipline and focus, anything is possible. My life improved dramatically, and evolved into one I was both proud of and in love with.

I went from living in poverty and suffering from depression, to being healthy, happy and running a business I love. With hard work, you CAN turn your life around. So how did I do it?

I share the progress, details and secret weapons with you in my NEW The Goal Is To Grow Podcast here…

In this episode (with helpful timestamps), you’ll hear things like…

  • How I started and why this incredible resource was created for Goal Digging Women (00:38)
  • How my podcast started and how setbacks and progress helped me and my business grow (01:10)
  • My career background and entrepreneurial/blog journey over the years (01:20)
  • My “aha” moment which was the turning point in my business (02:25)
  • The start and growth of my blog which took off almost immediately by receiving major press and recognition (03:00)
  • How my personal natural living journey branched into the launch of my 7th stream of revenue (4:45)
  • Everything I incorporate into my daily routine and mindset to create a happier, more purpose-driven business (06:18)


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I’m SO EXCITED to share this new adventure with you. Thank you for being here. 🙂


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