Episode 2: Shamelessly promote yourself

I recently reflected on an experience that taught me WHY it’s important to shamelessly promote yourself. It’s the difference between others knowing of your existence and only you being aware of your greatness. It really is that simple.

Back story. A former “supporter” turned one of those seasonal people you realize holds temporary space in your life, got upset with me for not knowing he was a part-time carpenter. He said (with a shockingly negative tone) “you know, you’re not the only talented person, Carmen” after I told him “I’m impressed. I had no clue you could do this”.

I had to gently remind him “I don’t know what I don’t know”. He’s never posted any of the pictures he had shown me or mentioned his side hustle to me personally. Nor did I see any single post he may have put on Facebook outside of reference of him being a college professor. I reminded him he was at my event because I invited him. That’s how it works. Be about it, talk about it, people will be in “the know”.

We are the best and sometimes the only narrator of our OWN life. Sometimes we’re so busy stuck in our own box, we fail to realize no one else can see what goes on inside of it. We have to tell them.

Needless to say, this man had a particular interest in me that I did not share (that’s a different story for different day) so he’s long gone…but this lesson remains and still helps me to this day. I hope it will serve as a valuable lesson for you as well.

I dive a bit deeper in the next episode of The Goal Is To Grow Podcast here…

In this episode (with helpful timestamps), you’ll hear things like…

  • Selflessness when it comes to shamelessly promoting yourself  and how I did it (00:35)
  • What happens when you DON’T promote yourself (01:30)
  • Incredible ways to shamelessly promote yourself (03:20)
  • Make a deeper impression by using linktree to increase the number of links in your instagram bio (04:12)

Additionally, here are some incredible ways to shamelessly promote yourself:

  • Create a website and email list to stay connected. That’s what I’ve done with both my Brown Skin Women blog and Goal Digging Women Academy. They’re incredible resources for my subscribers and an outlet for me to promote what I offer.
  • Arrange your social media in a way that allows you to showcase what you’re doing. Monday motivation can be a day you share progress you’ve made with your business, Tuesday testimonial could serve as a chance to share how you’ve overcome, etc.
  • Push yourself to overcome your fear of whatever it is you struggle with or seek professional support to help you overcome this fear. I’ve relied on the support of a therapist for the past 11 years. It’s been the best investment in myself

Do you have any other that you shamelessly promote yourself? Share them in a comment below.


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