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We are a boutique academy that offers ecourses training materials, and tutorials.

What would it feel like to not worry about these essential moving parts so that you can focus on being the proud owner of a successful result you work hard to create and fine-tune?




I’m willing to assume (and I do not take making a possible ass out of myself to prove a point lightly) marketing and branding may be great challenges for you. It was in the beginning for me too but, falling flat on my face within the entrepreneurial space taught me A LOT. All of which I share with my Goal Diggers (someday soon this person may be you)!


What’s in it for you is the ability to achieve the results you’re craving for your business WITHOUT suffering the roadblocks you’re currently facing.


This Goal Digging Women Academy will help you groom and grow yourself and ideas so that you no longer suffer from (1) low or no customer retention and (2) a poor job at marketing your brand. Amongst other great things.




The Goal Digging Women courses (called bundles) not only gives you easy to implement insights such as marketing and branding 101, but it also gives you counter-intuitive strategies like how to use psychology to persuade your customers to buy from you— you won’t find these exact offerings anywhere else online or off. 


For a low cost of $18 per month (cutting riiiiight to the chase here) you’ll have access to the 5 main course bundles (a modern name for “course” or “lesson”) PLUS the amazing (if I must say so myself) Backstage tutorials that explore things like “How to use Pic Monkey to enhance your social media graphics” and “How to create a brand board” ….uh huh, yep, that is included and it is THE business.


PLUS, each month theres a new backsage video included… because only the best! Once you become a member that’s your rate for life as long as you remain a member under that registration. If you unenroll to join again at a future date you will be required to pay the current rate. Ready to join the list and notified when enrollment is open and accepting new members?


Is Goal Digging Women available only to the Brown Skin Women Network?


Nope! It is now open to women everywhere.


How does membership work?


First step is to join the waitlist in order to receive notifications on when the academy is open and accepting new Goal Diggers. We open once in a while so once you’re in you’ll have 24/7 unlimited access to the content inside of the club and academy.


Why do I have to wait to join?


We place a high value and standard on the level of support our members experience. Open enrollment is when our teams undivided attention is set on helping with a smooth admission process. Additionally, our courses and curriculum schedule of events are conducted in groups so new Goal Diggers receive support in an organized streamlined manner.


What is the cost to join?


Currently the cost is $18 (for 2018) per month. We’re constantly adding new features so with the increased value of the academy, the membership fee is increased. Once you become a member that’s your  rate for life as long as you remain a member. If you re-enroll at a future date you will be required to pay the current monthly rate.


What is your cancellation process?


You can cancel anytime by emailing us. We do not offer refunds so be sure to send in a request or self cancel before the following months payment is debited from your account.


Do you have a question? Email info@goaldiggingwomen.com

Learn. Love. Discover. Grow. Gain New Experiences With Us!

Join the Goal Digger Community!


Our courses cover a wide range of topics, from establishing a customer service strategy, to how to create your brand board & marketing plan.


Online masterclasses, which cover topics such as, how to groom, grow & monetize your brand through blogs, podcasts, evens and more.


An online community where you can mingle with like-minded women from around the world and get the support you need to succeed.


Once a month we have a 90 minute live check-in call/video conference to explore progress, setbacks, highs and lows. ​


Goal Digging Women is a virtual academy and dynamic space that offers unfiltered, honest and supportive lessons that inspire, empower and educate women around the world.  




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