How to plan events for your blog, brand and business

My life as an event planner has become overwhelmingly busy as of late. This is pretty inspiring considering I didn’t have a mentor to teach me how to plan events for my blog, brand or business. There are so many moving parts and intimate details that should be considered when planning any event. Let’s explore how to plan events for your blog, brand or business (perhaps even your personal life milestones too)!

Event planning details are fun but can also be incredibly stressful and emotionally taxing (since we’re being honest). You can run a well-organized event for those present by focusing on a few key areas.

One way is by hiring a professional who will know exactly how to plan an event and also manage every detail for you. Event planners usually charge a percentage of your budget, so they may not be as expensive as you think. The other way is to plan the event yourself. With a few key areas of focus and one powerful tool, you can learn how to plan your own event with ease. Hint: the powerful resource is my Perfect Event Planning Workbook which you can download here…


For my Brown Skin Women blog, I’ve planned some very successful events and also some unsuccessful one.  The difference was in one key area: organization: In my notebook I have a separate section which contains pages with charts that helps me keep organized and able to track my progress/delays.

Would you believe me if I told you I always use the system set up in my Perfect Event Planning Workbook? It’s true- real life Goal Digger here! I find most traditional planners do not work well for me because I am in no way shape of form traditional. Creating a customized organization system helped me stay aligned and focused on my goal. Exciting news, I’m sharing this workbook with you too!


I find that working backwards helps tremendously with planning and setting a realistic budget. Factor in the look and feel of the overall experience and write this down so you can incorporate these aspects in during the proper phases. You will work with results in mind which is key when it comes to planning and evening organization. Which brings me to my next tip…


It helps when you plan with keeping your guests experience in mind. How do you want them to feel? The point of an event is to offer an occasion for others to gather. What experience do you want them to have? Describe this in your notes so that you can map out what components you will need to incorporate to help make your vision and goals align. The best place to write these notes are inside of my Perfect Event Planning Workbook which you can download here…


Now that you have these details you can being to reach out to vendors and build your list of items to help bring your vision to life. Since you have already decided how much you are willing and able to spend on this event, you can outline and disperse funds from your budget.


Yes, we are creating the plan for the plan here. You need to categorize the various aspects of your event. There are three key parts to it:

  • Before
  • During
  • After

What this means is you will create a plan for ALL parts of the process so that you don’t forget something as simple as cleanup. Some may underestimate the amount of time and effort the wrap may entail, it’s just as important as any other detail. Especially if you are renting a space and must be out by a certain time. With the rest of the planning, you will be able to complete what aspects fall under he three parts. This is usually done after the overall plan is created.


Be sure to update your notes and list when things are complete or when there are changes (there will always be changes). You will need to track progress and can do so with ease when details are clear and organized.

Psst…don’t forget to snag your copy of my free Perfect Event Planning Workbook. It will help keep you organized and hold you accountable when learning how to plan events for the first time. Its a tried and try resource I used when first learning how to plan events, and still use to date. 

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